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ABOUT US Our AWESOME Scuba Certification Team

We are NAUI & PADI dive instructors who have found great enjoyment in watching our students light up as they are introduced to the world of scuba diving. Each of us is very patient and it gives us great joy in helping others accomplish something they perhaps never imaged. Our main focus are our students - YOU!   We are here to help meet your goals and watch you SMILE as you learn to scuba dive.

Once you have reached a desired scuba certification, it is our hope you will continue to develop and master your new skill. We hope to become a part of your continuing scuba education journey. We are here to leverage our knowledge and experience in helping you becoming skilled scuba divers.

All our equipment is renewed every 2 years, to guarantee your comfort and safety.

Start your Scuba Adventure with us today, get diving and change your life.  Our dynamic team is here to assist you step by step...What are you waiting for?


  • David Guernsey

    David Guernsey

  • Loyda Villarreal

    Loyda Villarreal

  • Steve Bradford

    Steve Bradford

  • Jim Sparkman

    Jim Sparkman

  • Bill Cool

    Bill Cool

  • Larry Rice

    Larry Rice

  • Brandon Seibert

    Brandon Seibert

  • Greg Flores

    Greg Flores

  • Mark Mckinney

    Mark McKinney

    Assistant Instructor
  • Greg Beckworth

    Greg Beckworth

    Assistant Instructor
  • Dwight Daigle

    Dwight Daigle

    Assistant Instructor
  • Terry Britt

    Terry Britt

  • Chris Magnuson

    Chris Magnuson

  • Eric Dick

    Eric Dick