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New Dive Season - 2023

Diving DGuernsey COMMENTS 22 Mar, 2023

Are you ready for this year’s dive season?

Now that the weather & water is warming up a bit, hopefully you are planning the first dives of the year. Here are some pointers to help you hit the water in the best shape possible.

Scuba Gear Servicing

 Some of your dive gear needs regular servicing. Regulators need particular attention, but anything with valves may benefit from the careful eye of a technician. Servicing can take time, especially when it is really busy just before the start of the season, so get a head start by dropping in with your gear early.

Skills Update

Has it been more than 6 months since your last dive? Perhaps consider one of our Scuba Refreshers before your next dive, Come in to the diveshop if you would like more information about our next dive refreshers or other courses.

Early Season Dives

These can often be fantastic with excellent visibility and less busy dive sites. Give us a call to find out what dives we have planned. You may need some extra layers or thicker wetsuits.

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We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable diving season, and look forward to seeing you all underwater soon!, from the team at
SA Scuba Shack !

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